Smoking Out the Boss`s Boss

Not with fire.

In My defence, I was told more smoke

Smoke being the Glycole / Water based stuff that’s quite safe.

For some reason the smoke machine had been kept in the IT Office rather that with the drama department. And somehow I ended up agreeing to Running the smoke machine during a production of Greece.
I like the idea of all of the smoke, but I Do try to be sensible, and not over do things like smoke. If you see the video bellow, that was taken during to testing, I thought I Was putting far to much smoke out. And yes, cameras do camera things and make it look a touch worse, but it was still quite thick.

I was told “More”

So I Did more.

During Act 1, I Put out as much smoke as I could, keeping it in time with the music because it was quite loud, but basically putting out almost as much smoke as I Could.

Intermission comes and I pop down to the sound guys for a chat to see how it was going and the head of drama came down. (Head Teacher has said less smoke as its getting hard to see the stage and hard to breath)
The stage was indeed covered in the smoke, even a few minutes after we’d broke for intermission.

The productions I helped with were pretty good and good evenings despite the stupid late nights!

Video Soon as markdown is pain