dotRP ERS (SAPD + SAFR + CITY) | Flight Training

Flight Training

Due to number reasons, ALL persons wishing to be flight certified will be cross trained for both LSPD And LSFR Flight operations.
They must also be competent in non-flight operations before being allowed to fly
This allows us to have Air support more often, as it takes 1/2 people from a ground unit to have a multi role AC up, that it would just having each Dept run its own.

This also allows for standardized training and quicker certification.
And given the similarities with most operations it allows for better training across the board as well.
This also allows people to use a wider range of aircraft than they would normally

All Operations Training

Second Seat;

Usage of flares to designate a sensible landing point for aircraft when on ground.
Able to select suitable landing spots and guide the pilot in.
Handle communications
Handle Dispatch
Manage Directions / GPS

As Flight Lead;

Ability to land and take off safely
Able to fly
Able to hover for extended periods of time
Able to operate in a way to facilitate second seat operations, where it doesn’t endanger aircraft or people.
Able to fly in a way to allow the AC To act as an airborne command centre

To cover the LSFR Aspect of training

Second Seat;

Usage of spotlight and thermals for search and rescue
Radio to guide ground units to a person in need
Plan and instruct for water bombing runs

As Flight Lead

Ability to land on slopped/awkward points
Ability to hover very low over water
Water landings
Orbiting to facilitate SAR
Low altitude hover for drop-offs/pickups when it is unsafe to land

To cover the LSPD Aspect of training

Second Seat;

Usage of Camera to track suspects and give directions to police ground units
Usage of thermals and spotlight when necessary to facilitate ^
Able to do this at the speed of a car chase
Pursuit lead when ground units have lost visual
Able to guide units not following the chase into the chase

As Flight Lead

Be able to fly at high speeds being able to keep track of suspect vehicles
Be able to hover above an incident
Be able to take over purist coms if Second seat is unable
Be able to do stop and hover to allow SWAT rappelling