We use the phrase “cut” in dotRP, this is a way to stop incidents that are making people feel uncomfortable, in some cases stop / pause a scenario and get things back on track or the most common… to debrief after something has reached its logical conclusion.

ANY Character involved in a situation can call cut, when this occurs ALL players taking part in the current situation must stop and honour the cut. In the case of a game crash, it would be a good idea to call a cut!

Using “cut” would NOT be appropriate in a “loss” situation, for example: A Criminal has been cornered by the police and is about to be arrested. However, “cut” (may) be appropriate in the case of an unarmed store robbery where police come in and shoot the criminal with no provocation.
In this case this it may be better to have a logical conclusion debrief rather than a mid scenario one.

Example 1 - Not able to be fixed within roleplay

Here Mach (Fire Chief Slater), Ash (Det Cassie) and a police informant had been investigating bunkers, due to Det Cassie receiving intelligence that led her to believe a kidnapping was going to take place. In this situation, Cassie asked for Slater’s help as he had good knowledge of the city.
It made sense that Slater knew where the bunkers were due to his background and thus he was accompanying Cassie.
Upon visiting known locations they came across a bunker, this happened to be the arms dealer’s bunker, (of whom Slater knew of through yet to be revealed). However, without thinking they entered the bunker.
Now this was a mistake as:

  1. the police entered without a good reason and without a warrant
  2. the broke in (which they didn’t realize until pointed out in chat as no way would the arms dealer leave there bunker unlocked, but the script in use didn’t allow us to RP that)

here is the discussion that followed, cut is called at about 6 minutes.