One Liners

This page will be a selection of useful one-liners


When you see “$User”, replace this with the username of the account you are querying.
You may need to run “Import-Module ActiveDirectory” if things fail.

All of theses can be found as functions in

Mach’s Functions

Password Last Set

get-aduser $user -properties passwordlastset, lastLogon select name, passwordlastset, @{n='LastLogon';e={[DateTime]::FromFileTime($_.LastLogon)}}

Computer Password Last Set

This gets ALL COMPUTERS IN AD where there password was last set before the date, its a dirty way of finding VERY stale computers. There are better ways of doing this and i will add them to the site. But this works too.

get-adcomputer -filter "Passwordlastset -lt '1/1/2020'" -properties *| Select name,passwordlastset  


Makes the computer beep.

[console]::beep(100,500) #First number is frequency, second is length