Log AD Group Memberships

This script will create a text file containing group memberships, for each member of the OU Specified in the search base.
This script will work on

user, computer, group, or service account


See Date Formatting if you wish to change the date format
Make sure you set the Search Base otherwise it will scan the entirety of active directory

The Script itself


$Users = Get-ADUser -SearchBase "OU=YOUROUHERE,DC=DOMAIN,DC=TLD" -Filter * | select -ExpandProperty SamAccountName ##This gets all the users in a specifed OU
$Date = get-date -Format ddMMyyyy ## Gets the date in Day Month Year number
$LogLocation = "C:\Scripts\Data\$Date" ## Where the logs will be made, this can be UNC
New-Item $LogLocation -Force -ItemType Directory ## Creates the dated folder
ForEach ($User in $Users){ ## For each user found  
    $LogLocationName = "$LogLocation\$User.txt" ## Prep name of file
    New-Item $LogLocationName ## Create file  
    Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership $User | select name | Out-File $LogLocationName -Append ## Write group memberships to the folder