Prometheus Heavy Industries

Located at Maze bank tower (west) on prosperity.

Purchase News

PHI Acquires Slater Group, Slater Heavy Industries, RRI And Hammerhead armaments Jan 2023

Prometheus Heavy Industries proudly announces the acquisition of Slater Group, Slater Heavy Industries, RRI And Hammerhead armaments.
This brings the following companies under the one banner and proprietor (Slater Smith). This multi-billion-dollar enterprise contains.

Formally under Slater Group

Slaters Catcafe

Location: Little Seoul.
A Small Cafe with cute cats allowed to roam the property and interact with the customers. High volume of sales with low profits, generating huge amounts of income whilst supplying the city with low-cost food and cafe items.

Slaters Supers – Also know as Super Cars R Us, formally a PDM franchise

Location: Morningwood
A Premium car dealer specialising in supercars and specialist vehicles.
Quite a low volume business with very high profit margins and customer satisfaction. The model here allows us to take special care with each of our customers and make sure they get the best possible service and always leave happy.

Slater Autocare

Location: Morningwood – Slater Supers
Formally a subsidiary of Slaters Supers, Slater autocare provides the initial upgrades to stock and any required initial paint jobs of vehicles brought at Slaters Super.
They will also provide (or reimburse for) tow cover for any Slaters Super Vehicles.

Formally Under Slater Heavy Industries

Prometheus Defence Systems – Formally Xerxes Dynamics

PDS Provides proof of concept defence systems for vehicles and structures, for the purpose of evaluating and demonstrating.
To then be passed on to PRAR for mass manufacture if required.
Current Project; PDSFLR, A System that can be added onto most vehicles to offer some protection against guided missile attacks

Prometheus Aerospace, Land & Sea Systems – Formally SLDS , SASP, SASE, SHSS

SLDS | Slater Land Defence Services SASP | Slater Aerospace Protection SASE | Slater Air & Sea Enterprises SHSS | Slater Heavy Ship Systems

PALSS Provides armoured vehicles to the SAPD, SAFR, SACG And SAERS;
For the SAPD for riot control and armoured transport.
For SAFR & SAERS for operating in extreme danger environments such as nuclear attacks, zombie outbreaks and flooding.
SAERS Also may use them for hostage rescue.
PALSS Also provides vehicles for the SACG To provide SAR And Protection duties
Current Project; 335BRM – A High speed heavily armoured vehicle designed to cover rough terrain quickly for the purpose of hostage rescue

Prometheus Protective Services – Formally SPS, PP, SBW, SHIPS

PPS Provides protective services to government dignitaries and VIPS.
This includes a fleet of armoured vehicles, fast jets and protected heavy aircraft such as our dignitary 747 all of which are licensed to operate in the US.

Formally Under RRI

Prometheus Transport – Formally RRI, SRI, STRI, FDX, SRR

Mainly used for the import and export of PHI products and the materials used for manufacture.
PT Has been used for the emergency import of food, water and other survival products for the state and would happily do the same again.
PT Is also capable of transporting stuff around the state by air if needed.
Security can be provided by PPS if needed.

Prometheus Armaments PRAR – Formally Hammerhead Armaments, SHIA, Daedalus Armaments, RRIA

PA Provides all legal arms within the sate of SA, Including the majority of firearms and ammunition used by the SAPD & SAERS.
PA Manufacturers most of this out of state and imports it, however we are looking at tooling a warehouse in the city to lower the cost of importing
PA also manufacture ammunition for PALSS And PDS